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Cross-Platform Advertising

Media silos are a thing of the past. With our technology solution, XPS™, one system controls all, allowing for true optimization across multiple screens with a simplified pricing model.

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Reach Your Audience

Increase brand awareness by identifying and targeting your audience across multiple screens.

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Brand Safety

PK4 Media protects brands by default with active site-level and traffic monitoring by integrated 3rd party partners combating fraud and protecting viewability.

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Effectively lift brand metrics with our full suite of products across multiple screens.

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Programmatic Direct

A simple way to buy media has arrived! Just log in to our self-service web application, build target audience profiles, and launch display and video campaigns cross-platform. Real time insights are available on every ad impression.

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Our proprietary cross-platform solution, XPS™, consists of one unified technology stack that controls every aspect of a campaign, allowing seamless display and video ad management, optimization, and efficiencies across screens.

Advantageous Buying Methodology

Direct-to-publisher relationships with over 4,000 sites enables higher ad calls, premium placements, and high impact custom campaign executions. That means no RTB or exchange inventory!


We’ve built our technology to optimize to the best performing placements. Real-time reporting on every ad impression provides actionable analysis and achieves results.

Brand Safety

PK4 Media offers as value-add always on, site-level monitoring by best-in-class integrated 3rd party partners. Built with security in mind, XPS™ actively defends against fraud.


Our data and publisher partners allow for customized site lists and granular targeting. 


Every impression appears above the fold and is verified through extensive integrations with our external partners.

PK4 Media delivers and optimizes highly targeted digital advertising across multiple screens through its proprietary Demand-Side Platform (DSP), self-service programmatic interface, and customized managed services.

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